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Tobacco Friendly Merchant stands for business to business also known as e-biz. It is the exchange of information, services and products between businesses and not between customers and businesses. If you still are paying your bills with the traditional check, then check out merchant service company. Using a merchant service company will allow you to pay the bills electronically as well as your vendors, sales people and suppliers. This means that you do not have to put up with the usual reconciliation of checks, change of address, stamps and envelopes and so forth. Tobacco Friendly Merchant settlements can be easy. Through a payment gateway you can manage all your similar connections and other additional services underneath your own band banner to B2B business partners.

If you are an online retailer, then you need to manage your inventory that is stored in a facility. Merchant services will let you do this with an extended catalog of products and leverage drop ship relationship with your vendor with a settlement process. Merchant service company can watch over the settlement funds between your merchant account and Tobacco Friendly Merchant vendors. Merchant services companies can offer manage a transaction and oversee commission settlements. Merchant service companies cover all bases when it comes to Tobacco Friendly Merchant accounts.

With some merchant companies you can get free payment gateway account. Most merchant service companies serve all paths online, in store and mobile. For you online store the gateway is integrated directly with your shopping cart or website, enabling you store front with safe and secure checkout. For your in store, you either need Point of Sale or terminal transactions; the gateway of a merchant service company does provide payment optimization ability that can extend to other channels such as online and mobile. Mobile paths can now take payments through smart phones, tablet or laptop. This is the greatest in customer convenience. Most merchant service companies offer the following: virtual terminal, virtual POS, card vaulting, recurring payments, payment plans and fraud protection. The key to your online payments is your gateway. Merchant service companies have focused on the first time users who need to accept online payments. How to save the customer money, and complex users that have many disparate systems to care for.

If you are new to payments done online here is what you need to start with. A gateway to take transactions (the merchant service company will set this up for you). Payment button, this lets the customer pay now and it is linked to the payment page. The gateway integrates directly with your shopping cart. Your gateway routes your transactions to the lowest possible credit/debit network which saves you fees for your transactions. Some companies offer managing all channels whether it is mobile, online or in store. You can process accounts from any provider and any method of payment. Anything that you need to do with payments is done with one universal device (recurring payments, invoices, and so forth.). In conclusion: compare merchant service companies for the best deals and what they can offer.
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