VeriFone Omni 3200 Credit Card Terminal $355.00

The VeriFone Omni 3200 has a user interface with screen addressable buttons. It can display up to 8 lines of text! It has a high-speed silent printer which prints a blazing 12.5 lines per second and is totally silent! The print head life expectancy is over 24 million lines! The Omni 3200 has a totally upgradable operating system, it could be upgraded to Omni 3200se, so you never have to buy another terminal again. Also, it has a track 3 reader for drivers licenses which may be required in the future. It works with Verifone Pin pad 1000 and Verifone Check reader 600.

Learn to use this terminal in a third less time than other terminals. Omni 3200 users call for support 36% less than other terminal users!


  • Intuitive user interface—reduces training time
  • Supports easy migration of existing applications
  • High-speed (12.5 lines per second), quiet thermal printer for speedy transactions
  • Sleek, compact design to minimize clutter and saves counter space
  • Covered paper path to reduce jamming
  • Two telco ports
  • Triple-track card reader supports all magnetic-striped cards
  • Supports all VeriFone PIN pads, check readers, and smart card readers/writers
  • Only one power pack required
  • Supports SoftPay or other TXO-based software applications
  • Supports credit, debit, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), and electronic check transactions, and can be upgraded to handle smart card-based payments
  • Interfaces with all major transaction and check processors
  • Allows remote downloads of new operating systems
  • Large 8 x 21 backlit LCD display for graphics and other images
  • Extra-size menu prompts for improved readability
  • Split-screen capabilities let retailers, restaurants, and others display text and



128K Flash EPROM and 512K battery-backed SRAM standard
Available in optional 128K, 256 K, and 1 MB RAM models


128 x 64 pixel graphical LCD display with backlighting
Supports the following configurations:
6 x 8 characters/8 rows x 21 columns
8 x 16 characters/4 rows x 16 columns
16 x 16 characters/4 rows x 8 columns

Card Reader

Bi-directional: supports triple track (tracks 1, 2, 3) or dual-track option (tracks 1, 2 or tracks 2, 3)


3 x 4 numeric keypad, plus 8 soft function keys and 4 screen-addressable keys

Peripheral Ports

Two telco ports, one RS-232 port, and one PIN pad/Barcode port


Thermal, fixed printhead; speed: 12.5 lines per second MTBF: 4 million lines; 10 international character sets graphic printing capability; paper: 2.25 in (58 mm) standard roll; single ply


Bell 103/212A (300/1200/2400 bps)
CCITT V.21/V.22/V.22 bis (300/1200 bps/2400 bps) asynchronous dial modem
2400/1200 bps synchronous dial modem


Application selects between asynchronous protocols (Visa 1, Visa 2, and others) and synchronous protocols (including ISO 8583/SDLC)


Height: 75 mm (3.1 in.);
Width: 146 mm (5.6 in.);
Depth: 290 mm (12 in.);
Weight: 1050 gm (2 lbs. 5 oz.)


0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F) operating temperature;
RH 90% maximum


Standard: Input 120 VAC, 60 Hz Output: 22 VAC, 2A
Optional: Input 100-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz Output: 25.5 VDC, 1.57A

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